Please Read!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Unfortunately, I'm not taking on any new designs right now. Life is so busy at the moment with trying to juggle our 15 month old, family and friends, a Giveaways website, running in my first 5K, and heading back to school full time this Summer. As soon as life slows down a little, I can get back to what I absolutely LOVE! Helping you make your blog a labor of love! I wish you all the very best! I'll be back soon enough :).

Tip of the month.

How to remove the link to your Photobucket account through pictures. Whenever you post a picture on your blog from a Photobucket account, you have an annoying link back to your entire Photobucket photo album. Want to remove that link? Paste the following code into the HTML section of your blog post:

<img src="URL HERE">

Next, paste the "Direct Link" of the picture from your Photobucket account in between the quotations and in place of the "URL HERE'' and the link will disappear. Simple! Hope this helps a few people!